India Travel Scratch Map – Classic Black Edition


The perfect gift (even if just for yourself!)

What’s Included

  • Quality printed India Scratch Map (Dimension 50 * 60 cm)
  • Tube to easily carry the map
  • Instruction note
  • Felt to clean the scratch residue
  • 100 location stickers to mark your favorite places
  • White marker to write your travel plans

Shipping Informations

  • Free shipping
  • Dispatches in 24 hours via Delhivery courier
  • Expected delivery in 5-7 days
  • Quality Packaging

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We Proudly say our India Travel Scratch Map is the First of it’s kind to the Indian Market.
We have spend enough time to get the right quality. And so glad to bring it to you.

Embark on Your Journey, Preserve Your Adventures

Unveil the wonders of the world with our scratch maps, your ultimate companion on every voyage. Let your travels come alive as you scratch off the foil and reveal the treasures that lie beneath.

Discover New Horizons, Chart Your Course

Set sail on a quest for discovery as you scratch off destinations on your map. With each revealed corner of the globe, you ignite your wanderlust and set your sights on new horizons waiting to be explored.

Engage Fellow Travelers, Share Your Stories

Ignite conversations and forge connections with fellow adventurers as they marvel at your scratch map. It’s more than just a map; it’s a gateway to shared experiences, a testament to your wanderlust, and a beacon for future explorations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A scratch map is a type of map featuring a scratch-off foil layer that covers the map’s surface. As you travel to different places, you can scratch off the foil to reveal the underlying details, creating a personalized and visual record of your journeys.

What is scratch map & How to use it:

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Scratch maps are used as a visual and interactive way to track and showcase travel experiences. They can also serve as decorative pieces for homes or offices, reflecting personal interests in geography and exploration.

Yes, scratch maps make excellent gifts, especially for travel enthusiasts. They are thoughtful and unique presents that allow recipients to visually document their adventures.

Yes, scratch maps are often designed to be framed or mounted. Many people choose to frame their scratch maps to protect them and display them as decorative pieces in their homes.

Scratch maps are generally accurate in terms of geographic details, including country borders and major cities. However, for detailed accuracy, it’s recommended to use an atlas or an online map.